Sit back and allow us to run your casino event for you.  Our experienced dealers will help and teach your guests the games.


How a casino party works

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Typically you will provide prizes for your guests and we will run the games.   Here is the typical process:

- Prior to the event, we discuss the plan with you, make suggestions and cater to your ideas.

- The day of the event we set up tables, chips, cards, etc and get ready for the event

We provide instruction cards for your guests

We provide instruction cards for your guests

- Our dealers arrive and get situated

- Guests arrive and play money is given to them that can be redeemed for chips at the tables.  We will provide the play money (unless you want to).  We will also provide instruction cards that help players remember payouts and strategy for the different games.

- At the appropriate time, "last hand" is called and the dealers will exchange the guest's chips for raffle tickets or totals will be collected (depending on how you prefer to structure it).

- If you are doing a raffle, we will provide a raffle drum and tickets for you to use.